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Moybeg, Northern Ireland Kearney Village

If you’ve heard of Moybeg in Northern Ireland, it may be because of the BBC series, “My Mother and Other Strangers.” Sorry to say, Moybeg is a fictional place. But, they had to film the show somewhere!

That somewhere happens to be the village of Kearney in Northern Ireland. Kearney is a part of what is called the “National Trust,” a non-profit that protects various places throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

When Kearney Village was chosen to be a prime location in the hit BBC show, it was a win-win. For the BBC, the village provided an amazing setting that required little adjustment. For the National Trust, the revenue that the show brought in was fantastic in helping with the National Trust’s conservation efforts.

So, what should you do during an idyllic day in Kearney Village?

Take In The Sights

When you visit Kearney Village, prepare to take a lot of time to look around you. From this small village, you can look across to Scotland, the Isle of Man, and the Mountains of Mourne.

As a part of the National Trust, Kearney Village is beautifully maintained and preserved. Looking at the adorable white-washed cottages, you’ll feel like you went back in history to a more relaxing time.

Take A Hike...Well, Walk

Follow paths from Kearney Village to the beach at Knockinelder, which spans 8 acres. At this beach, you can enjoy some bird watching, people watching, and wade in the water.


Kearney Village is about 3 miles from Portaferry, a great place to stay when planning a day to Kearney Village.

Portaferry is a spectacular place in County Down in Northern Ireland. Take a ferry from Strangford to Portaferry and get ready for a simpler way of life. Portaferry is a coastal town that has lots to offer as far as beach views, adorable cottages, and relaxing vibes go.

Top Attractions in Portaferry

In Portaferry, you’re going to love relaxing with a great view of the ocean. Take advantage of sunset walks, quaint restaurants, and the great vibe of small-town life. There are a few top attractions that are worth noting though.

Exploris – Aquarium

This is Northern Ireland’s only aquarium, which means it’s pretty cool. Exploris Aquarium has otters, sharks, fish, jellies, reptiles, woodland creatures, seals, and more. There are daily talks and feedings in almost all of the exhibits, which adds to the fun of seeing the wildlife.

In addition to having amazing exhibits, Exploris cares a lot about education and seal conservation. On their website, you can see all of the seals they’re working to rehabilitate and release back into the wild. Go visit in person and see their seal pool!

Portaferry Castle

While this castle may be small, who doesn’t want to visit a castle?! Portaferry Castle was built in the 16th century, reaching 3 stories tall with a tower at the top.

Even if castles aren’t your thing, Portaferry Castle offers beautiful views of the harbor and Audley’s Castle in Strangford across the way.

Where to Stay

Portaferry Hotel

Portaferry Hotel: amazing views in an amazing location. Breakfast is included and you can grab dinner in their on-site restaurant.

portaferry hotel kearney village

As you’ll see, some of the choices below are houses and stray from the hotel experience. If you like traditional hotels, but also want that touch of charm with a beautiful view, Portaferry Hotel is a great choice.

Fiddler’s Green

This bed and breakfast is incredibly charming! With rooms that sleep up to 5, there’s enough room for the whole family. You’ll enjoy a full English breakfast every morning, beautiful ocean views, and adorable interior.

fiddlers green portaferry ireland

If you like the cozy feeling of a bed and breakfast and like the rustic charm, Fiddler’s Green will make you feel right at home.


A Victorian on the shore-front? Yes, please! While it’s called a hostel, this is one of the least hostely hostel I’ve seen. This bed and breakfast is a great choice for families, as they have rooms that sleep up to 5. Breakfast is available as continental, buffet, or full English breakfast. There’s also an on-site restaurant for lunch and dinner if you choose.

Ferry Lodge

Want an entire place to yourself? The Ferry Lodge has 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, seating area, and washing machine.

Where to Eat

Saltwater Brig

The décor at Saltwater Brig is as charming as the food is delicious. Come hungry for everything from seafood to steak. While there are a few vegetarian options, the majority of the menu is for meat eaters.

The Salthouse Restaurant

On the fancier side, we have The Salthouse Restaurant. With a great view of the water, enjoy a variety of seafood, shellfish, steak, and chicken. Note that The Salthouse Restaurant is only open on the weekends.

Captain Jacks

If you’re looking for a delicious, casual, inexpensive place to eat, Captain Jacks is a great choice. It may not be the fanciest place you’ve ever been to, but your belly will be full, and you’ll have a smile on your face. Captain Jacks serves everything from burgers to fish and chips.

Deli-licious Café

People rave about the staff here. The food is scrumptious, the location is cozy, and the staff are friendly. Can’t beat that!

The Yard

Stop in this cute place for ice cream, coffee, pizza, or a full meal. This bistro and café has a lot to offer and can be a great choice for a quick meal during your stay in Portaferry.

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