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Semester International Business and French Culture - Spring Semester 2011
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

The International Business and French Culture Program at École Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur is designed for study abroad participants who are interested in learning more about the French language and culture.  While learning French, students can also advance their understanding of international business and development by choosing additional electives instructed in English or French.

Students will enroll in one French course and up to three additional electives of their choice.  The French language course meets for a total of 35 contact hours during the semester, while number of contact hours for each elective course varies.  For the semester, students should expect to earn anywhere between 8-16 semester units depending on elective courses selected.  Students on the ESCE program also participate in a variety of company visits in addition to GSE excursions and cultural events.

Program Overview

Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Total Credits: 12 - 12
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
1 French Language Yes
French as a Foreign Language 1: Beginning French 3
French as a Foreign Language 2: Intermediate French 3
3 Business and Culture Electives Yes
Business Communication 3
European Lobbying 3
Eurpoean Business Culture 3
International Business Practices 3
International Organizational Behavior 3
Strategy 3
The Marketing Mix 3

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