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Course Description
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Italian 300- Advanced
Lorenzo de' Medici - Florence
Florence, Italy

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Italian 300 Italian 6 80 Italian 200 or equvalent.

This is the fifth of six levels, and it is for students who have a solid grammatical/lexical base in Italian and have already completed the study of language structures, who can understand the main points of many radio and TV programs on current affairs, the main point of selected newspapers and magazines articles and literary passages. By working with different types of original materials (newspapers/magazine articles, literary excerpts, songs, news) and an in-depth grammar review - to be completed in next level- students will achieve a high level of language fluency: they will be able to understand most TV news and current affairs programs, contemporary literary prose, write clearly about a wide range of subjects including reports, passing information, or giving reasons in support or against a particular point of view. Students can interact with a degree of fluency that makes communication with native speakers possible without strain for either side and can take active part in discussions.

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