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Study Abroad in England

GSE offers summer, semester, and year study abroad programs in London, England which allow students to study a wide array of courses with no language barrier.

Despite the voluntary dismantling of the British Empire, England remains one of the most influential countries in the world to this day. Through GSE you have the ability to study in London, England’s capital and one of the most important cities in the world.  GSE provides summer programs in London at Middlesex University and the University of Westminster.  Semester programs and academic year programs in London are at London Metropolitan University. In addition to your university enrollment, all GSE study abroad programs in London also include housing in apartments or dormitories, excursions to such places as the mythical Stonehenge and Paris, France, health insurance (mandatory enrollment for an additional fee), cultural events, cell phone, onsite director and much more. Study abroad in England with GSE and you are sure to make memories and friends that will last a lifetime, while at the same time earning college credit as you take courses in English.

With England crammed into a landmass slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, it can be deemed a tiny island, but where it lacks in size the people make up for it in productivity. This may be an understatement considering England was at the forefront of the industrial revolution and at one time colonized approximately two fifths of the globe. Today, England remains one of the most influential nations in Western society. London, the financial center and capital city of England and quite possibly the entire world, is also a modern marvel filled with historical landmarks and spectacular sights. Although you should definitely visit London while in England, any native will assure you that there is much more to this proud nation than the city of London. The expansive countryside covering much of England is filled with classic towns, each with authentic pubs and the finest fish and chips imaginable. Also in the countryside, stands Britain’s most fabled national monument, Stonehenge. The creators of this world wonder are not known for certain, however, historians date the construction of this massive stone structure back some 5,000 years. Centuries of tradition stockpiled on such a small island affords the travel enthusiast the opportunity to discover enough historical findings and cultural nuances for several lifetimes. If that’s not enough to satisfy you, the rest of Europe is a stones throw away.

Study Abroad in London, England

Facts About England:
Population: 60,270,208
Religion: 66% Anglican and Roman Catholic, 32% unaffiliated, and a combined 2% of Muslim, Presbyterian, Hindu, Sikh, Methodist, and Jewish
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Terrain: Mostly rugged hills and low mountains; level to rolling plains in east and southeast
Neighboring Nations: Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and France (across the English Channel)


Study Abroad in England

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