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Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is an ideal destination for a foreign student to learn the Spanish language and become immersed in the Spanish culture. Located west of Moncloa, a popular student area, it is a convenient 15-minute walk to the center of town. Covering over 36,000 acres of terrain, UCM boasts beautiful landscape and distinguished university buildings. UCM has more than 9,000 staff and personnel and 150,000 students, making it the largest university in the country. Despite its large size, UCM exudes a small university environment due to the autonomy of each of the university’s 20 schools (facultades). UCM is host to nearly 4,000 international students annually, ensuring that as a GSE participant you will make friends from all over the world.

Admission Requirements & Recommendations
 At least 18 years of age
 2.5 cumulative GPA
 Must submit an unofficial high school or college transcript
 One semester of college level Spanish or equivalent (recommended)

University Facts
 Current enrollment of approximately 91,600 students
 Campus is located in the Ciudad Universitaria district in Madrid
 One of the oldest universities in the world founded in 1293
 Recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and recognized as the top public university in Spain
 Official transcript issued by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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