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The Universidad Antonio Nebrija in Madrid ranks among the top-ten universities in the country, and with its 2,800 students offers nothing less than an individual and concentrated education. A private university founded in 1985, it is named after Antonio de Nebrija, a great humanist and the first grammarian of the Spanish language. In 1492, Nebrija presented the first ever grammar book of a romance language to Queen Isabel: Gramática de la lengua Castellana. As such, the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language is a key activity of the University and the Center of Hispanic Studies at Nebrija has been dedicated exclusively to Spanish language training since its inception.


The Spanish grading system is based on a scale of 10, as opposed to 100 in the US system. It would be inaccurate to merely multiply a Spanish grade by 10 to find its US equivalent.

Antonio de Nebrija University has released the following chart to assist US Universities in interpreting the Spanish grading scale. Per Nebrija, interpretation of the Spanish grading scale is as follows:

Spanish Verbal Grade U.S. Verbal Equivalent Spanish Number Grade U.S. Letter Equivalent
Sobresaliente Excellent 10 A+
9.5 A
9 A-
Notable Very Good 8.5 B+
8 B
7.5 B
7 B-
Aprobado Adequate/Pass 6.5 C+
6 C
5.5 C-
5 D
Suspenso Fail 0 - 4 F


Admission Requirements & Recommendations
 At least 18 years of age
 2.5 cumulative GPA
 Must submit an unofficial high school or college transcript
 One semester of college level Spanish or equivalent (recommended)

University Facts
 Top-ten Spanish University
 Campus is located in the Ciudad Universitaria district in Madrid
 Small, private university (around 2800 students) with a Student-Teacher ratio of 10-1
 University has a center exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Spanish Language and Culture
 Official transcript issued by the Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
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