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Situated in central London, London Metropolitan University (LMU) was formed in August 2002 as the result of a merger between London Guildhall University and the University of North London.  Today, London Metropolitan University is the place of study for some 32,000 students, 4,000 of which are internationals hailing from 147 countries.

The university is comprised of two campuses in central London, which are easily accessible by the Underground. The London North and London City campuses are minutes away from some of the city’s most historical sites, such as the Houses of Parliament and the Globe Theatre.  By studying in central London students are given the opportunity to experience England’s unprecedented higher education in one of the most influential and brilliantly historical cities in the world. 

Admission Requirements & Recommendations
 Must be at least 18 years of age and have at least Sophomore-year or above equivalency standing at his/her home university
 2.7 cumulative GPA
 Must submit an official college transcript
University Facts
 London's largest university; over 32,000 students and 3,300 faculty and staff personnel
 18% of student body is comprised of foreign students
 Traces its roots back to 1848 with Metropolitan classes for young men
Formed in 2002 as the result of a merger between London Guildhall University and the University of North London
 Houses 9 research institutes and 34 research centers
 Five sports facilities and award-winning social facilities, including the Rocket Complex and the Sub Bar





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