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Exploring the surrounding regions of Granada is an integral part of adapting to and appreciating Spanish culture. GSE offers a wide variety of excursions to several different regions in Spain. Semester programs typically include five to seven excursions, while summer programs include two to three. The following is a list of possible excursions.

Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid is a center of Spanish life and culture. Made the capital of Spain by Felipe II in 1561, Madrid was propelled into an era of rich cultural gain in its architectural and artistic realms with the discovery of the Americas. From its rich artistic heritage to its vibrant nightlife, Madrid provides a never ending list of things to do and see.

Home to the world’s largest church, Sevilla echoes the past. Enjoy the unique rhythm of flamenco, or observe the ominous hooded penitents of Semana Santa. Sevilla is sure to captivate you with its resonant history and rich cultural heritage.

Nerja is one of the most picturesque spots along the Mediterranean coast.  With its many beaches and favorable climate, Nerja has become a popular tourist destination, especially during hot summer months.  The primitive cave paintings in the Nerja caves also draw visitors from near and far, making Nerja the third most-visited tourist attraction in Spain.

Capital of the western world in the 11th century, Córdoba embodies the essence of Spain in its Iberian, Roman, Jewish, Islamic, and Christian influences.  A moderately-sized modern city, Córdoba contains many impressive architectural reminders of the time when it was the largest city in Western Europe. 


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