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Onsite Program Director

Michael Rhode

Holding a Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of Ghana, Accra, and a Bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder makes Michael’s understanding of cross cultural student experiences invaluable to our London program.
Having schooled in Cambridge, England, Michael then spent five years studying in Colorado, before applying to the University of Ghana, where he lived for two years.  Since then, during periods of Ph.D research, he has worked on a number of levels with study abroad students from all over the United States.  His understanding of common student issues with both cultural and academic adjustment and successful implementation of independent study and research projects was invaluable in preparing him for successfully working with Education First, where he worked for two years before joining GSE.  This work involved coordinating educational tours for American students in England and throughout Europe, including France, Italy, Germany and Spain.  Group sizes average around 35, including both high school and college students.  Educational foci ranged from cultural and historical learning to language improvement.  He speaks fluent French and good Italian.  

Michael has also traveled extensively, having visited over 35 states in the U.S., virtually all of western Europe, as well as having worked in both Africa and Asia for differing periods.  Such a extensive traveling and working experience has prepared Michael, as our on site Program Director, to ensure that participants will not only experience the true side of the cultural experience London has to offer, but will achieve their academic goals with the utmost success. 

“Just being in London is a learning experience – living here I learn something new daily.  With over 350 languages spoken daily, and nearly 8 million people living in central London alone, it’s not hard to see why.  With some of the top universities in the country, it is the perfect location to not only succeed academically, but to develop unique inter-cultural understanding, and have a great time at it.”

- Michael Rhode

“He seems to be a walking encyclopedia, the man knows everything and he's so funny! He did a great job of making everyone feel like a tight-knit group/team and some how managed to keep track of all of us.  I never saw him lose his patience or his positive attitude."

Stephanie Hinton
Virginia Commonwealth University


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