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Onsite Program Director


Chiara D'Alessandro

Born in
Naples, Italy, Chiara’s passion for travel and foreign languages has led her to pursue numerous study abroad experiences and to learn English, Spanish, and Arabic in addition to her native language, Italian.  Her first study abroad experience began at the age of 16 when she went on a six month exchange program to Victoria, Australia to perfect her English.  From this first international experience she was hooked and continued to leave home almost every summer to work or study in another country.   After Australia, she chose London as her destination to again study English.  Chiara's interest in traveling also brought her to Syria where she stayed for two months studying Arabic.  Chiara’s most recent study abroad experience was in Andalucia, Spain where she attended a five month program through the European Union’s abroad program, Erasmus.  Following this program she moved to Barcelona for a summer to work and practice her Spanish.  As Florence Onsite Director, Chiara will introduce GSE students to the beauty, history, and splendor of Florence and Italy.


“I loved my Onsite Program Director Chiara--she is absolutely wonderful!  Her involvement was incredibly beneficial.  She is kind, helpful, and always there when you need her; she adds so much to the GSE program.  I loved every minute in Florence and miss it everyday.  I loved my experience and time abroad, and wouldn't have changed anything at all.”  

Ashley O’Brien
University of Massachusetts, Amherst




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