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Exploring the surrounding regions of Paris is an integral part of adapting to and appreciating French culture. GSE offers a wide variety of excursions to several different regions in France. Semester programs typically include four-six weekend excursions, while summer programs include two to three. The following is a list of possible excursions.

Brussels, Belgium
Headquarters of the European Union and United Nations, Brussels is clearly a distinguished city. The streets of Brussels are adorned by the Art Nouveau architecture of Victor Horta, and museums in Brussels boast some of the largest collections of artwork from famous Flemish masters, giving this dynamic city a more classical and well-rounded appeal.

Situated three and a half hours southwest of Paris by train, Bordeaux is known as one of the premier vineyard regions in the world. A university town as well as a haven for exquisite wine and gourmet meals, Bordeaux offers a balance of rich French culture and vibrant youthful nightlife.


Built by Louis XIV, the Sun King, in the 17th century, Versailles is an exceptionally lavish estate located just outside of Paris.  The gardens were meticulously designed to impress the French aristocrats while visiting the manor.  Versailles also served as home to other royals including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  In 1789, thousands of starving Parisians stormed the sprawling chateau and took this royal couple back to Paris where they were guillotined four years later.


Originally founded by the Romans, Chartres is home to one of the most spectacular creations of the Middle Ages.  The Cathédrale de Chartres is a stunning example of Gothic architecture and displays stained–glass windows dating back to the 12th century.  This cathedral drew special recognition and flocks of pilgrims in the past because it supposedly housed the cloth the Virgin Mary wore while giving birth to Jesus.



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