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Onsite Program Director


Pedro J. Pérez Leal, Ph.D.

Born in Madrid, Spain, Pedro has travelled extensively throughout Europe and the Americas. A Spanish native speaker, he is fluent in English and can get by in French and Portuguese. Pedro lived in the United States for six years and received his Ph.D. degree in Spanish/Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown University. Pedro has a wide experience in education and in the field of study abroad. He has worked as a professor of Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture in the United States, Spain, and Ecuador. Currently, he is combining his job as the GSE Madrid Onsite Director with his teaching job at Suffolk University in Madrid. Pedro’s international background also includes four years of working as assistant director for the Georgetown Ecuador Summer Program.

In his own words, "Studying abroad was for me an unforgettable learning and personal growth experience. It allowed me to develop a wider awareness of the world where we live and to become a global citizen. Time has gone by and now it is a real privilege for me, as the GSE Madrid Program Director, to have the opportunity to help the students to take advantage of this unique experience by sharing with them all this vibrant city and amazing country have to offer.”



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