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Exploring the surrounding regions of Madrid is an integral part of adapting to and appreciating Spanish culture. GSE offers a wide variety of excursions to several different regions in Spain. Semester programs typically include six excursions, while summer programs include two to three. The following is a list of possible excursions.

With its cobblestoned, narrow streets, Toledo is a beautifully-preserved medieval city that was once the capital of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Spain’s three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, peacefully co-existed and imprinted their legacies upon the city through breathtaking architecture and ancient streets.

Granada was conquered by the Muslims in 711 and was the last city to be taken by the Spaniards in the reconquest of 1492. Eight centuries of Moorish rule have imprinted themselves upon Granada’s architecture, most notably in the majestic Alhambra, comprised of a series of palaces and gardens built by its Muslim rulers.

The Universidad de Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain and one of the oldest in all of Europe, adds the energy of thousands of students to the bustling nighttime atmosphere of Salamanca. The city arguably offers some the best of Spanish culture, history, and nightlife.

The ancient Roman city of Segovia is home to many beautiful sights.  Students will see the famous Alcazar, an 11th-century castle, and a Roman aqueduct that, despite being over 2,000 years old, still functions today. The Alcazar is where Columbus met Isabella and Ferdinand to propose his quest to the “New World” and was supposedly the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Magic Castle.


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