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GSE offers summer, semester, and academic year study abroad programs in Barcelona, Spain with courses focused on Spanish language, culture and other subjects taught in Spanish or English.

GSE study abroad programs in Spain are the perfect choice for any student looking to expand their world view, study Spanish or English, and get a taste of the Spanish way of life. GSE allows you to study in one of Spain’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities, Barcelona.  In addition to the university enrollment and tuition, all GSE study abroad programs in Spain include housing in apartments, excursions, health insurance (mandatory enrollment for an additional fee), cultural events, cell phone, onsite director and much more. Study in Spain with GSE and you are sure to have the experience of a lifetime, all while advancing in your studies and earning college credit.

Learn Spanish and enjoy the culture in Spain
Spain was home to a variety of independent kingdoms and cultures until the year 711, when the Moslems began their occupation. For nearly seven long centuries, Christians from the north banded together in an attempt to re-conquest the territory. The movement culminated in 1492 when the Christians seized Granada, the last Spanish city to be occupied by the Moslem empire. This seizure is said to have forged modern day Spain by unifying several formerly independent kingdoms and cultures. Spain is now host to incredible echoes of the past due to its tumultuous history and once vast empire. Its colorful past has shaped Spain into the passionate nation that it is today; a nation renowned for death defying bullfighters and fiery flamenco dancers.

Today, over forty million travelers per year visit Spain to indulge in the numerous cultures that can be found within its borders. The co-mingled Christian and Islamic cultures in the South, the modernist Catalan culture in the Northeast, and the Portuguese influenced Galician culture in the Northwest are just a few of the many different flavors of Spain. If you talk to one of Spain's travelers they will undoubtedly attest that the magnificent culture of the people only accents the breathtaking scenery of the countryside. From the pristine beaches of San Sebastian to the vivacious lifestyle of the nation’s capital, from the rolling hills and gypsy dens of Andalucia to the plains dotted with vineyards and small villages in the north, Spain has something special to offer any adventurous traveler.

Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Facts About Spain:
Population: 46,081,574
Religion: 94% Roman Catholic, 6% other
Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy
Terrain: Large flat dissected plateau surrounded by rugged hills.
Neighboring Nations: France, Portugal, Morocco (across the Strait of Gibraltar)


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