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GSE Study Abroad Programs in Madrid, Spain
Currently there are no programs open for application in Madrid, Spain.

GSE offers summer and semester Spanish Language and Culture programs and semester Hispanic Studies programs at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).  Students may also attend the summer and semester Spanish Language and Elective program at the Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid (UANM).  All UANM programs provide courses in both Spanish and English.  For more information about a specific program search the table of available programs below.

Note: Interested fall semester participants may extend their semester to a year abroad by continuing their study into the spring semester in either the same city or a different city offered by GSE. Doing so would merit a discount in tuition for the second program attended. Contact us for details.

Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Summer Spanish Language and Electives

Semester Spanish Language and Electives

Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Summer Spanish Language and Culture

Trimester Spanish Language and Culture

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