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Study Abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Sometimes referred to as the “Pearl of the West,” Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco and the second-largest city in Mexico. This metropolitan city fuses elements from a historic colonial past and a promising modern present. The city exudes cultural riches to natives and tourist alike, and is famous for introducing the world to tequila, the “Mexican Hat Dance,” and mariachi music. The people of Guadalajara not only take pride in their distinguished architecture, savory foods, and enchanting folklore, but also celebrate a legendary nightlife. Whether enjoying a fútbol game among friends or strolling along the streets of an open-air artisan market, Guadalajara offers a truly unique Global Student Experience.

Guadalajara City Statistics
Location: the central region of the Mexican state of Jalisco, in the western Pacific area of Mexico
Population: 1.6 million in Guadalajara (4.1 million in the metropolitan area)
Time zone: GMT - 3 (5 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time)
Average January Temp: 60°F
Average July Temp: 75°F
Fun Fact: Guadalajara natives call themselves tapatíos

Program Includes:
 Superior Student Support
 Experienced Student Advising
 Centrally Located Student Apartments
 Tuition, Course Enrollment, and an Official Transcript from the University of Guadalajara
 University Services
 Cultural Immersion Events
 Mobile Phones
 Extensive Pre-departure Information
 Onsite Program Director
 Arrival Orientation
 Comprehensive Health and Medical Insurance (mandatory enrollment for an additional fee)

Study Abroad Guadalajara Mexico

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