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GSE offers summer, quarter, semester, and academic year study abroad programs in Florence, Italy.

Join GSE and study abroad in Italy, the center of the one time Roman Empire, home to the Vatican City, the leaning tower of Pisa, fine cuisine, brilliant artistic history, an amazing cultural traditional, and much more.  With so much to offer, Italy is an ideal location for your international education experience.  GSE study abroad programs in Italy focus on Italian language and culture study and are open to students of any ability, from beginner to nearly fluent. In addition to your university enrollment, all GSE study abroad programs in Italy also include housing in apartments, excursions to the vibrant capital city, Rome and the secluded Mediterranean beaches of Cinque Terre, health insurance (mandatory enrollment for an additional fee), cultural events, cell phone, onsite director. Study abroad in Florence with GSE and you are sure to make memories and friends that will last a lifetime, while at the same time earning college credit as you study Italian in Italy.

Learn Italian and Experience Italy

Most people’s taste buds tingle at the mere thought of Italy, but this prolific nation is recognized worldwide for much more than an irresistible bowl of pasta. Italy is home to the Vatican City in Rome, the hub of the expansion of the Christian religion. In addition to the religious associations tied to Italy, some of the most widely read philosophers of all time resided there at one time or another. These esteemed thinkers include the likes of Machiavelli and Aquinas to mention just a few. Students who study on our programs in Italy may find themselves pondering works of these Italian philosophers in an outdoor café along the Arno River or along one of the sunny Mediterranean beaches that comprise over two thirds of Italy’s border. Groves of olive trees and meandering streams fill the countryside in the south, while mountainous peaks elevate in the horizon of northern Italy. The temperate Mediterranean climate is only to be outdone by an even warmer feeling of family atmosphere that lives in the hearts of all Italians. Whether you spend a month or year in Italy, it won’t take long to discover why this bold nation has had so much influence on the state of the western world.

Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

Facts About Italy:
Population: 58,057,477
Religion: Predominantly Roman Catholic with some mature Protestant and Jewish
communities along with growing Muslim immigrant population
Government Type: Republic
Terrain: Mostly rugged and mountainous with some plains and coastal lowlands
Neighboring Nations: Austria, France, Holy See (Vatican City), San Marino, Slovenia, Switzerland


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