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GSE offers Spanish Language and Culture Programs for the semester and trimester at the Universidad de Granada to students of all language levels, including beginners with no prior Spanish experience. The semester program begins with a four-week, 80-hour intensive language preparation course. Following the preparation course, students will take a placement exam to determine the appropriate semester language course. The trimester program does not have a preparation course, so students take the language placement exam on their first day at the university. In addition to the Spanish language course students may enroll in cultural electives.  Cultural electives are taught in both Spanish and English.  Students enroll in a total of four or five courses for the trimester and semester programs.

Students with advanced language proficiency can participate in the Hispanic Studies Program, which offers a wider variety of courses instructed in Spanish and gives students the opportunity to enroll in courses with native Spanish students.

The month-long summer Intensive Language program is also available to students of all language levels and offers courses that meet for a total of 80 contact hours during the month of July.

Sample Cultural Course Subjects
Students enroll in three to four cultural electives in addition to the Spanish language course. Students at the intermediate level of Spanish proficiency or below enroll in electives instructed in English, while students at the high-intermediate level or above enroll in electives instructed in Spanish. 

Spanish Language and Culture          Hispanic Studies       
Art History                                            Art History
Economics                                            Business Spanish
Geography                                           Economics     
History                                                 Geography
Latin American Studies                          History
Literature                                             Linguistics 
Political Science                                    Literature

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Summer Intensive Spanish Language

Semester Spanish Language and Culture

Trimester Spanish Language and Culture

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