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Integrated Studies Immersion Program - Spring Semester 2014
University of Belgrano
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Students at an advanced level of Spanish language ability may participate in the Integrated Studies Program, which allows students to take regular curricular courses as offered by the University of Belgrano. This program provides full cultural immersion, the opportunity to study with host country students, and the ability to fulfill additional major, minor, or general education requirements at the student's home university.

Students will typically earn 12-15 semester units for the completion of this program.

Click here to view a list of Integrated Studies courses
Once on the page, find your preferred subject of study and click on "Descargar PDF" to view the complete major curriculum which has specific course information.  Please remember that Integrated Studies courses are taken with Argentinean students and only for advanced Spanish speakers.

Contact a GSE Program Advisor at (866) 756-2443 to discuss the course preapproval process or any questions you have about this program. 

The Integrated Studies program at University of Belgrano is one month longer than the Spanish Language and Latin American Culture semester program.

Program Overview

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