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Summer Art Restoration Program - Summer 2013 - June
Lorenzo de' Medici - Florence
Florence, Italy

The history of painting techniques used throughout the ages is an important part of the conservator's role in recognizing how a work of art is made and what materials were used (fresco, tempera, oil, etc.). Students will make small panels using various samples so that they may become more familiar with techniques used for the paintings they restore. Cennino Cennini's The Craftsman's Handbook will be used as a textbook for these ancient procedures to be done from scratch: egg tempera, self-made oil paints, the gesso-colletta primer for canvas and panels, gold gilding, decorative arts, etc. Maximum care is to be put into these partial 'copies' in order for them to be part of the conservation student's portfolio

Program Overview


Total Credits: 6 - 6
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
1 Course Yes
Art Restoration Workshop 6

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