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Year International Business Program - Year 2013- 2014
The American Business School in Paris
Paris, France

The International Business Program at The American Business School in Paris is designed to offer a wide range of business-related electives to GSE participants, while also encouraging language development and the ability to enroll in other general electives of interest or courses that are required for major, minor, or general education requirements.

There is no language prerequisite for attending The American Business School, and the program is available to students of all language levels, including beginners.  All students will enroll in a French language course; the level of instruction for each student will be determined by a placement exam at the beginning of the program. 

The American Business School also typically requires students to enroll in French Civilization (French 320), and is complemented by up to three electives of their choice per semester, all taught in English.  Each course meets for a total of 45 contact hours and is typically worth 3 semester credits.  By completing the academic year program, students should expect to earn 24-30 units (a total of 360-450 contact hours).

Fall 2013 Courses at the American Business School in Paris

Spring 2014 Courses at the American Business School in Paris (currently viewing Spring 2013)

Program Overview

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