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Semester Full Curriculum - Fall Semester 2013
University of Westminster
London, England

The University of Westminster offers a variety of courses which may be taken as university credits to count towards a degree or just out of interest.  Course schedules and credits vary according to subject matter, and GSE students should consult a GSE advisor or the GSE website for a list of courses, details about enrollment, and course credit information.

Students choose 4-5 classes out of a multitude of classes offered in a variety of subjects.

Below you will find information about the modules (courses) available to Study Abroad students at the University of Westminster. The digital catalogue is split by Campus and then by School or Department. Within each, you have the option of viewing the catalogue by Fall Semester (Semester 1).  Summarized syllabi are given within each catalogue section.

Be sure to read the introductory section with information and instructions about how the university is structured and important details about making module choices. Print out catalogue sections with classes you are interested in taking, then meet with your academic advisor at your college or university to get approval on your desired courses. Your GSE advisor can help you with this course credit transfer process.

The University of Westminster has four campuses – all within easy reach of each other so you can combine classes taught on different campuses.

Cavendish Campus
School of Life SciencesFall Semester
School of Electronics and Computer ScienceFall Semester
Harrow Campus
School of Media, Arts and DesignFall Semester
Marylebone Campus
Westminster Business SchoolFall Semester
School of Architecture and the Built EnvironmentFall Semester
Regent Campus
Departments of Psychology/Politics and International Relations/Social and Historical StudiesFall Semester
Department of Modern and Applied LanguagesFall Semester
School of LawFall Semester
Department of English and LinguisticsFall Semester

You may also wish to explore the London-focused classes offered at University of Westminster.

Program Overview

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