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Spanish Language and Latin American Culture - Fall Semester 2013
University of Belgrano
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Latin American Culture Program is designed for students at all language levels who would like to focus on improving their language proficiency while learning about Argentine and Latin American culture. Intensive Spanish language classes are complemented by Latin American Studies electives taught in English or Spanish, thereby creating an innovative study program that provides cultural immersion even with limited language ability.

Students will typically take one Spanish language course and 3-4 electives in English and/or Spanish.  Students will typically earn 12-18 semester units for the completion of this program.

Program Overview

Low Intermediate Level

Total Credits: 6 - 18
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
1 Spanish Language Yes
Spanish - Beginner Spanish 6
Spanish - Intermediate Spanish 6
0 - 4 English Electives No
Business: International Business in the Southern Cone 3
Economics: Argentine Economy 3
Economics: Latin America in Global Economy 3
Economics: Social Economy in Latin America 3
Gender History in Latin America 3
History: History of Latin America 3
Jorge Luis Borges: Visions of Culture and Knowledge 3
Latin American Cultures and Societies 3
Latin American Literature 3
Political Science: Political and Social Change in Argentina and Latin America 3
Sociology: The Making of Argentina Through its Literature 3
U.S. - Latin America Relations 3

Intermediate Level and Above

Total Credits: 6 - 19
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
1 Spanish Language Yes
Spanish - 200 Intermediate Spanish 6
Spanish - 300 Advanced Spanish 6
Spanish - 400 Superior Spanish 6
0 - 4 Spanish Electives No
Anthropology: Tango - Cultural Expressions of Buenos Aires 3
Argentine Literature 3
Art History: Contemporary Argentine Art 3
Cultural Studies: Argentine Cultural Studies 3
Cultural Studies: Latin American Cultural Studies 3
Economics: Argentine Economic Policy 3
Economics: Economic History of Latin America 3
Economics: Latin America and the Global Economy 3
Ethics 3
Gender Studies 3
History: Latin American History (20th Century) 3
Latin American Film 3
Latin American Politcal Thought 3
Latin American Societies: Social Movements 3
Narratives of the Monstrous in Latin America 4
Political Science: Latin American Populism 3
Social Economy 3
Sociology: Argentina: An Open Society 3
Spanish Literature: Latin American Literature 3
Urban Fictions: The Latin American Cities 3

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