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Summer Intensive Spanish Language - Summer 2013
University of Belgrano
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Students participating in a Summer Intensive Spanish program will be enrolled in a four week intensive language course. Classes meet Monday-Friday, five hours per day for a total of 100 contact hours. Upon arrival all students will take a placement exam to determine the appropriate language course level they will take.  Courses focus on the improvement of grammar and conversation abilities with an emphasis on producing and understanding both oral and written texts. Though no language requirement exists, it is recommended that students have taken at least one semester of college level Spanish before enrolling in the summer programs. Students may earn up to 6 units of semester credit by completing this course. Click on any of the courses below to view a detailed course description.

Program Overview

Spanish Language

Total Credits: 6 - 6
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
1 Spanish Language Yes
Spanish 100 - Beginner Spanish 6
Spanish 200 - Intermediate Spanish 6
Spanish 300 - Advanced Spanish 6
Spanish 400 - Superior Spanish 6

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