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Liberal Arts, Business, and Design Summer School - Summer Session 1 2011
University of Westminster
London, England

The University of Westminster offers a variety of courses in the Liberal Arts which may be taken as university credits to count towards a degree or just out of interest.  Course schedules and credits vary according to subject matter, and GSE students should consult a GSE advisor or the GSE website for a list of courses, details about enrollment, and course credit information.  Previous courses offered include Creative Writing, Shakespeare and His Age, International Relations, Britain at War and International Human Rights.

*Note:  Students will receive a $1,000 discount if they choose to attend Sessions 1 and 2 (6 weeks)

Program Overview


Total Credits: 0 - 4
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
0 - 1 Business No
Business Communications 4
Business Economics 4
Corporate Social Responsibility 4
Critical Thinking 4
Environmental Financial Management 4
International Financial Management 4
Introduction to Marketing 4
People and Organizations 4

Liberal Arts

Total Credits: 0 - 4
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
0 - 1 Liberal Arts No
Celebrity, Society and the Media 4
Contemporary British Art 1LIB415 4
Cosmopolis: London as a World City 1LIB4XX 4
Exploring Mind and Body through Yoga 3CMO404 4
Jack the Ripper's London: Myth, Reality and the Victorian Metropolis 1LIB416 4
Londinium to the Blitz: London through its Museums 1LIB420 4
Myth and Method in Psychology 1LIB430 4
Perspectives in Complementary and Alternative Medicine 3CMR431 4
Political Islam: from Moral Protest to Holy War 1LIB421 4
Shakespeare: Themes and Presentations 1LIB409 4

Media, Arts, and Design

Total Credits: 0 - 4
Courses Required Course Titles Credits
0 - 1 Media, Arts, and Design No
Introduction to London Fashion 4
Photographing the City 4
Print Journalism, London Experience 4
Television in London 4

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