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Course Description
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Spanish 200 - Intermediate Spanish
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 200 Spanish 5 80 Spanish 100 or equivalent

  • To master complex forms of syntax and sentence construction.
  • To master the form of sentence construction in processes of both derivation and composition. Dealing with Anglicisms.
  • To develop communication skills in both the conversational and formal registers, with special attention being paid to vocabulary.
  • To master the following communicative functions: narration, description.
  1. Spelling of letters and words. Accents and punctuation.
  2. The indicative: its different forms.
  3. The article. Personal pronouns: stressed and unstressed forms. Impersonal structure with se. Reflexive and reciprocal pronouns and verbs.
  4. The verbs ser and estar: defining and describing. Passive structures of action and result. Voice, tense and aspect in verb clauses.
  5. The subjunctive: its different forms.
  6. Examples of subordinate noun clauses (temporal correlation and conjunctions).
  7. Examples of subordinate adjective or relative clauses (structure and conjunctions).
  8. Subordinate adverb clauses: time, place and manner. Examples of conditional, concessive, causal, consecutive and final clauses.
  9. Indirect style. Reproducing other people’s speech: prepositions: tense, place and verb patterns.
  10. Constructing descriptive, narrative and argumentative texts.
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