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Course Description
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History: Barcelona: the City and its History
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
History 300 English 3 45 Spanish Language: 1 semester required, 2 semesters recommended

Barcelona is nowadays a very cosmopolitan city with a great international projection. This course is an introduction to the city of Barcelona by studying its past and analyzing its present. This course will review the most important moments in the urban development of Barcelona focusing in the ways these events can be seen in the present layout of the city. We will also analyze the expressions of Catalan and Mediterranean identity in its buildings and traditions.


This course will use a combination of lectures and students presentations with field visits and some field work.

Students will be required to attend the field trips and visits organized for this course and main-tain, extend and update the information in a field-study journal. The teacher will evaluate this journal throughout the course. Some of the sessions in the classroom will be used for discussion and other for lectures either by the teacher or by some relevant guest speakers. Attendance to the class and visits is mandatory.

Class Requirements and Assessment:

This course will have some short assignments (field trip reports) and a term research paper (in-cluding a class presentation of this paper) besides a mid term exam and a final comprehensive exam. The students will have a series of field trips some of them teacher guided and other self guided. At the end they will need to present a journal with a summary of all those field trips and visits.

The topic of the term paper will be discussed with the instructor before starting the work. Stu-dents will choose the topic of the paper from a set of suggestions offered by the instructor or any other topic that might better fit their interests. One of the possibilities is to write a paper and a class presentation about one of the neighborhoods of the city focusing in any aspect or a combi-nation of them, such as: tourism, history, economy, politics, etc.

The final grade will be based on the following distribution:

          Class Participation and Oral presentations : 20%

          Field Study Journals: 10%

          Mid Term Exam: 20%

          Term Paper: 20%

          Final Exam: 30%

Required readings:

Robert Hughes 1993. Barcelona. New York: First Vintage Books Edition

Class Reader (a selection from the list of recommended readings)

Recommended Readings:

AINAUD, Josep Maria et ali. 1996, Barcelona contemporánea - Contemporary Barcelona, Barcelona, Centre de Cultura Contemporánea.

AMELANG James S. et ali. 1992 Twelve walks through Barcelona's past Guidebook Barcelona: Ajuntament de Barcelona

CASTELLS, Manuel i Jordi Borja, 2000, Local and global. New York: Blackwell

CIRICI I PELLICER, Alexandre 1992, Barcelona step by step, Barcelona: Teide, 5ª edición.

FERNANDEZ ARMESTO Felipe 1992 Barcelona. A thousand Years of the City's Past Oxford: Oxford University Press

GALERA, Montserrat i altres 1986 Atlas de Barcelona. Siglos XVI-XX, Barcelona, Publicaciones del Colegio Ofi-cial de Arquitectos de Cataluña y Baaleares.

LALAGUNA Juan 1994 A traveller´s history of Spain. New York: Interlink Books

McNEILL, Donald 1999, Urban Change and the European Left Tales from the new Barcelona, London, Routledge- SCHEWEID, Richard 1994, Barcelona. Jews, Transvestites, and an Olympic Season, Berkeley, Berkeley Univer-sity Press.

SCOBIE H.M. 1998 The Spanish Economy in the 1990s London: Routledge

SOBRER Josep Miquel ed. Catalonia a self portrair Bloomington. Indiana University Press

TAMAMES Ramón 1985 The Spanish Economy. An Introduction London: C.Hurst and Company

HELEN GRAHAM AND JO LABANYI eds. 1995 Spanish Cultural Studies Oxford, UK.: Oxford University Press

TOIBIN, Colm, 1990 Homage to Barcelona, London, Simon & Schuster.

VAZQUEZ MONTALBÁN, 1987, Barcelonas, Barcelona, Empúries.

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