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Course Description
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Economics 110: Macroeconomics
The American Business School in Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Economics 100 English 3 45 None

This is the first course which is a study of modern economic society, the economic role of consumers, businesses, governments, banks and other institutions. It includes a thorough introduction to economic analysis which aids the understanding of economic behavior.

To provide the student with a solid foundation in contemporary macroeconomic theory. The student learns about the tools government has at its disposal to manipulate the economy to bring about certain results.

The course consists of class lectures and outside reading assignments. Students will be expected to do class presentations on various assignments.

Will be covered in class:
- Introduction: The Economic Way of thinking
- Supply & Demand: The Basics
- Elasticity
- Stability & Prosperity
- Circular Flow of Income & Product
- Measuring National Income & product
- Aggregate Supply & Demand Model
- Classical Keynesian Theories of Income Determination
- Fiscal Policy; Money & the Banking System
- Supply & Demand for Money; Inflation

Economics, Gregory Mankiw, Thomson/South Western, 2010
Economics Study Guide, Hakes/Mankiw, Thomson/South Western, 4th edition, 2007

The final grade will be based on class participation and homework assignments (25%), a mid-term examination (25%), and the final examination (50%).

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