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Course Description
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Management 320: Entrepreneurship 1
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Management 300 English 3 45 Finance 220 (Business Finance) or equivalent; Marketing 210 (Principles of Marketing) or equivalent

This course focuses on all the aspects concerned with setting up and running a business. The legal forms of business are examined, then the market research necessary to prove the business is viable, then the various kinds of financing possible. The students are required to prepare a Business Plan on a fictitious or real idea of setting up a business.

To give the students solid know-how in the steps required for setting up a business – the researching, financing, starting, developing and perhaps selling a profitable business.

The course consists of class lectures briefly reviewing the aspects of marketing and finance highlighted in each case. The business plan is also the student project for the course. Will be covered in class :

- Definition of a Small Business; Ethics & Social Responsibility ; Entrepreneurship
- Preparing a Business Plan ; Legal Forms of Ownership
- Financial Statements & Business Ratios
- Desired Income Approach to Planning ; Planning the Pro Forma Balance Sheet
- Finding the Funds
- Marketing - Introduction ; Picking the Right Location
- Marketing : Promotion, Product, Pricing & Distribution
- Consumer Behavior ; Managing Human Resources
- Production & Operations Management
- Purchasing & Inventory Control ; Effective Control & Break Even Analysis
- Consumer & Business to Business Credit
- International Business for Small Business

Entrepreneurship, Hisrich/Peters, McGraw-Hill, 6th European Edition

The final grade will be made up of a class participation, individual/group presentations of cases, a mid-term test, the final examination and the preparation of a Business Plan.

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