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Course Description
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Creative Writing
University of Westminster
London, England

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Writing 300 English 4 50 N/A

This module aims to examine the function and process of creative writing through practice and the critical analysis of exemplary material.  Students will be encouraged by a series of workshops in which they will discuss their own work and that of other students in order to help them become critically-reflective practitioners.  They will gain the ability to use and control character, plot, narrative, tone, point of view, voice, mood, tense, description, detail, dialogue, etc. as appropriate.  Students will also be able to demonstrate a knowledge of drafting (and redrafting) as part of the process of textual production and of the ability to annotate/footnote in this redrafting.  The emphasis will be on short story writing during the classes.  The module is designed for undergraduate students seeking credits.  It is however also suitable for students with a general interest in the subject and who wish further to develop their skills.

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