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Course Description
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Art: New Tendencies in Spanish Contemporary Art
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Art, Art History 300 English 3 45 None


In contemporary art the frontiers between the classic disciplines are dissolving. Contemporary art is becoming ever more interdisciplinary, at times confusing, inclassifiable where all kinds of fusions, exchanges, frictions, transaction and dialogues are occurring. There are new points of interaction, new crossings of information and action. This course is an introduction to some of these new territories and how they are being explored by Spanish contemporary artists.


• Introduction
• Current creative practise contemporary arts engagement with mainstream culture and its origins.
• Appropiationism, kitch, technology, green politics, social issues, fashion/beauty, etc
• Josep Beuys, Stelarc, Woldiczco, The Black School, Fluxus movement, Lorraine O’Grady, Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, Orlan
• The changing role of the gallery, museum and collector in contemporary art
• Art Value, Celebrity, Kitch
• Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Warhol/Basquiat, Francesco Vezzoli
• Fashion, Clothing, Self protection, Survival
• Ana Laura Aláez, Elana del Rivero, Begoña Montalbán, Kosuke Tsumura, Lucy and Jorge Orta, Alicia Framis, Susy Gomez Nicola Constantino, Naia del Castillo etc
• Living Art, New Technologies and Tendencies.
• Eduardo Kac, Etoy, Marcelli Antunez, Eualia Valldosera, Laura Baigorri Ballarin, Jean Recamier, Serge Jupin
• Land Art, Ecology, Nature and Technology
• Spanish Sculpture Trails, Arte en la Tierra, Parque de Escultura Lomos de Oro, Naturaleza, Utopias y Realidades Canaria, Green Museum, Sergio Belinchon, Alan Sonfist, Nils Udo, Hilde de Decker, Actar Architectura, Nicola Constantino
• Recycling, Re(f)use, Neo do it yourself
• La Braderie, Drap Art, Steven Forster, Neasdon Control Centre, Maja Abplanalp and Maria Pia Amabile
• Experimental Music, Performance, Poetry
• Laurie Anderson, LEM festival, Victor Nubla, Inmotion, Sonar, Polipoetas, Veivi Gisus Urkestra
• Art engaged with social politics, architecture and communal space
• Santiago Sierra, Lucy Orta, KZG, El Perro, Anna Pla Catala, Street art
• Ephemeral, Action , Space and Subject, Performance
• Sergio Prego, Vik Muniz


Practicing artists and professionals in the field to be decided upon depending on availability


To relevant contemporary art exhibitions depending on the program of the galleries


Presentations 20%, Assignments 40%, Contribution in Class 10%, Attendance 10%, Attitude and Motivation 20%

Pass mark 50%

Tendencias del arte, arte de tendencias a principios del siglo XXI – Juan Antonio Ramírez y Jesús Carillo (eds)
Sweet Dreams, contemporary art and complicity Johanna Drucker.
The Shock of the New Robert Hughes

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