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Course Description
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Spanish Conversation and Culture
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 200 Spanish 3 45 Two semesters or three quarters of college level Spanish. Placement test required


To know and comprehend the daily life in Spain and to increase the oral fluency of the students through various activities involving oral comprehension and expression.


Presentation of Spain
Geographic-political division
Autonomies and the autonomous system
Nationalities and autonomous languages
Situate the autonomous regions on a map
Show the relationship between Spain as a whole and the autonomous regions
Look for information about a specific region in pamphlets and tourist guides
Group presentations about autonomous regions

Schedules in Spain
Commercial and official schedules
The day, schedule of meals and siesta
Schedules of establishments in Spain
Look for information in a book about the Spanish siesta

Money and Shopping
How and where we shop
Spanish stores
Roleplaying in diverse situations related to shopping

Moving through Madrid
Life in Madrid
Viewing of a video and activities related to its contents

Leisure and Free time
Weekends: leaving the city, seeing family, Sunday mornings….
Museums of Madrid
Tourist spots
Other sites of interest: gardens, parks, swimming pools, etc.
Look for information about museums and tourist spots of Madrid and present the information for the rest of the class


33% assistance and active participation in class
33% daily work
34% exams

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