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Course Description
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Geography/Economics - The Geography of Spain
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Geography; Economics 100 Spanish 1 20 One semester of college level Spanish is recommended

TERM 2 : Population, Means of Life and Nature in Spain


To introduce students to Spain’s natural environment and its relationship with Spanish society and the country’s economy.   Second term: to focus on Spain’s economy and society from a world and regional perspective, and to examine how they relate to the natural setting.


• The historical roots of Spanish society and regional diversity
o Spain’s population: structure and dynamics
o Spanish society: structure and dynamics

• Spanish economy
o A historical perspective in the worldwide context.
o Diversity and regional contrasts.

• The great economic sectors
o Agriculture and other primary sector activities
o Mining and industry
o Services: commerce, transports, tourism, etc.


RABELLA, J.M., (1998), Atlas de España y Portugal, Barcelona, Península.
TAMAMES, R., (1998), Actualidad económica española, Madrid, Alianza.
VIDAL, T., España, gente y territorio, Apuntes policopiados.
VILÀ, J., (1980), La península ibérica, Barcelona, Ariel.


A final exam will be set at the end of each term to test students’ understanding of course materials.

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