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Course Description
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European Lobbying
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Economics; Law 100 English 3 39 None

Aimed knowledge
At the end of the course, the participant will
o recognize the different fields of political decisions that are
decided on a European level,
o understand the working of the European Institutions,
o be able to define possible ways of influence these decisions

Aimed skills
o the different institutions of the European Union
o policy making within the European Union
o lobbying in the European Union

Continuous Assessment = 50%
Write and present a case of European lobbying

Final Exam = 50%

-Clamen, Michel, (2005), Manuel de lobbying, Dunod, Paris.
-Clamen, Michel, (2000), Le Lobbying et ses secrets, 3rd edition,
Dunod, Paris.
-Mazey, Sonia and Richardson, Jeremy, eds. (1993), Lobbying in the
European Community, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
-Pedler, R.H. and Van Schendelen, M.P.C.M, eds., (1994), Lobbying
the European Union: Companies, Trade Associations and Issue
Groups, Dartmouth Publishing Company, Aldershot.
-Van den Hoven, Adrian, (2002), Le lobbying des entreprises françaises
auprès des institutions communautaires, Presses Universitaires de la
Faculté de Droit de Clermont-Ferrand

Various publications of the European Union.


1. Introduction
The main economic and political questions in the European Union, Europe after WWII,
Goals and Principles of the European Union

2. Lobbying
Definition, Information and Analysis, Strategy, Communication, Means and Methods

3. European Treaties
Treaties of Paris, Rome, the Single European Act, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice,
European Constitution, Lisbon

4. Institutions and International Organizations and their Organs
Council of Ministers, European Commission, European Parliament, Court of Justice,
European Central Bank

5. Lobbying in the European Union
History and current practice, negotiations

6. Case Study

7. Presentation of Course Project

8. Summary

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System:
This course is worth 4 ECTS credits.

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