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Course Description
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PRO 310: Production and Operations Management
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Production and Operations Management 300 English 3 45 QNT 210 (Business Statistics) or equivalent


This course provides second year students with the broad concepts that make up the field of Operations Management.  It focuses on the design, operation and control of productive systems. .



To increase student understanding of the problems and opportunities faced by the operations manager in manufacturing and service organizations.  To develop an ability to apply operations management concepts in a variety of settings.  To develop an understanding of operations management techniques in order to be able to evaluate recommendations made by technical specialists in the field.



The course is developed through lectures,  discussion and numerical problem solving sessions.  Students are expected to participate in class discussion. 


Will be covered in class:

-  Productivity & Competitiveness

-  Product Design & Process Selection

-  Quality Control System

-  Forecasting

-  Capacity Planning & Location

-  Job Design & Work Measurement

-  Project Planning & Control

-  Inventory Systems



Operations Managment, Johnston, Financial Times, 4th Edition, 2004



The final grade will be made up of a class participation and homework (25%), a mid-term test (35%) and the final examination (40%).

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