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Course Description
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Marketing 380: Personal Selling
American Business School Paris
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Marketing 300 English 3 45 Marketing 210 (Principles of Marketing) or equivalent

This course gives the student an understanding of all aspects of the selling process from the sales management to the sales force point of view. It summarizes the effect of selling in a market economy and applies theories of buyer motivation. To examine effective selling techniques, you have to understand the company, its products and the selling environment. Students learn to demonstrate a product and/or service.
Students learn to develop applications of advertsing and effective sales presentations in the preparation of a complete sales presentation step by step.

The course is developed through lectures, discussion and group/individual presentations of case studies and role plays. Students are expected to thoroughly read text materials and participate in class discussion. Will be covered in class :
- Personal selling & the Marketing Concept ; Factors influencing the relationship
- Communication styles ; Acquiring Product Information ; Choosing a product & service
- Developing Product-Selling strategies ; Prospecting & opening presentations
- Understanding Buyer Behavior ; Developing a Prospect Base
- Approaching the Customer ; Securing Desire
- Conducting the Sales Demonstration; Negotiating Buyer Resistance
- Handling Objections ; Closing & Confirming the Sale
- Servicing the Sale; Closing the Sale & Building Customer Relations
- Management of the Sales Force ; Management of the Self
- Telephone prospecting
- Ethical Problems ; Career Opportunities

Selling Today, Manning/Reece, Prentice-Hall, 9th Edition, 2004

The final grade will be made up of a class participation, articles and case studies handed in, role plays, a mid-term test, and the final examination.

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