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Course Description
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Spanish: Diverse Spain (CH3041)
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 300 Spanish 3 45 Four semesters or six quarters of college level Spanish


Approach to the diverse geographic, historical, sociocultural, and economic aspects of the diverse Spanish autonomies.


For the final grade the following scale is established:

33% attendance and active class participation
Knowledge and active participation in class as well as outside of class is valued. The
methodology used in class demands, on the part of the student, a daily participation in the following areas:

- investigative activities, information search and presentation of contents to the class
- oral activities (individual, in pairs or in groups) to practice and present the thematic contents
- correction of exercises
- in addition, fluidity, grammar correction, and lexical richness will be taken into account

33% daily work
The student should complete the following assignments outside of class:
- textual reading of the manual and additional material provided by the professor
- knowledge control exercises and information searches to supplement the course content

34% exams
There are a series of oral group presentations and the written final exam. The final grade will be dependent upon the average of daily work, participation, and the exams.

Attendance to this class is mandatory. Any missed class that is not justified will show NEGATIVELY in the final grade.

The topics to develop are structured using the different autonomies:

Topic 0 Introduction
Topic 1 Galicia
Topic 2 Asturias and Cantabria
Topic 3 País Vasco
Topic 4 Navarra (group presentation)
Topic 5 Aragón (group presentation)
Topic 6 Rioja (group presentation)
Topic 7 Cataluña
Topic 8 Valencia, Murcia y Baleares
Topic 9 Andalucía
Topic 10 Extremadura (group presentation)
Topic 11 Castilla La Mancha (group presentation)
Topic 12 Madrid (group presentation)
Topic 13 Castilla León (group presentation)
Topic 14 Canarias (group presentation)

Each topic will cover the main historical landmarks of the area as well as their literature and society. Also, we will touch on the geography and economy of the zone, ending with the celebrations, art, and gastronomy. In addition each subject will show a particular aspect that defines that community.

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