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Course Description
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Women's Studies: Women's Roles in Present-Day Spain (CH2161)
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Women's Studies; Sociology 200 English 3 45 N/A


This course is an analysis of the roles that Spanish women have played for the last 30 years. From a conservative society to our present social situation Spanish women's roles have changed tremendously. From the role of "loving housewife and mother" to the nowadays modern professional woman Spanish women have been and still are very active and influential in the Spanish society. This course will deal with all these roles women play in different areas of society such as politics, literature, work, cinema, education, and family.


33% Class participation and attendance
33% Homework
34% Exams


1. The development of women in Spanish society from 1930s to present day. Second Republic. Franco Era. Democracy.

2. Women in the family. Social roles. Motherhood. Sexual reform.

3. Women and education. Cultural and religious influences.

4. Women at work. Promoting gender equality. Maternity and work. Equal employment policy.

5. Women and politics. The right to vote. Women and political participation.

6. Women in contemporary Spanish literature. Women writers and female characters.

7. Women in contemporary Spanish cinema.

8. Women in Spanish advertising.

9. Sexism in Spanish language.

10. Notable Spanish women throughout history.

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