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Course Description
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Business: International Business (DE1124)
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Business 100 English 3 45 N/A


This course analyzes the environment of international firms and the basics of international business management. Specific aspects of organization and operations of multinational firms will also be studied.

The major purpose of this course is to introduce the international perspective of business to you. The course will examine the international aspects of those subjects and place them in foreign and international contexts. The topics covered include the competitive environment of the international marketplace; international organizations; cultural, political-economic and labor factors affecting international business; and management techniques to deal with foreign factors in the international environment.


Class participation 10%
Directed Academic Activities 20%
Weekly exams (average) 40%
Final Exam 30%



1. Introduction to the course. Discussion of the objectives of the class and the procedures to be used. Explanation of the course requirements and grading
2. What is International Business?
3. International Trade and Foreign Investment.
4. Economic Theories on International Trade, Development, and Investment.
5. International Financial Risks
6. EXAM.
7. International Economic Analysis.
8. Nature's Effect on International Business Opportunities.
9. The Role of Culture in International Business.
10. The Role of Legal Forces in International Business.
11. EXAM
12. The Labor Factor and its Effect on International Business.
13. International Channels of Distribution.
14. International Market Analysis. Market Screening.
15. International Marketing.
16. EXAM
17. Human Resource Management.
18. Global Operations: Sourcing.
19. Continue Global Operations: Production.
20. International Financial Management.
21. EXAM
22. Strategic Planning and Organization Design.
23. Control and Technology-Driven Changes.
24. Read one of the three cases in Appendix . Commentary in class.
25. Oral presentations.
26. Review for Final Exam.
27. Final Exam.
28. Extraordinary exam.

Basic Bibliography:

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Complementary Bibliography:

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