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Course Description
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Spanish: Intermediate Spanish Language and Conversation (CH1051)
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 100 Spanish 3 45 One semester of college level Spanish recommended

Intensive introductory subject on Spanish Language in order to develop comprehension and verbal and written expression at an elementary level. Students get in touch with Spanish way of life and learn to express primordial necessities. They become capable of handling themselves in Spanish.

Course Objective:
Practice all vocabulary and grammatical elements using comprehension and oral expression activities. Expand vocabulary and consolidate the specific structures necessary in order to communicate in diverse situations.

Evaluation of the Course:
33% Attendance and active participation in the class
33% Daily work
34% Exams

ï?® The final grade will be the result of the combination of daily work, participation and exams. The final grade may be negatively altered for excessive absences.

Class attendance is OBLIGATORY. Any unexcused absence will negatively affect the final grade.


1. Presentation, personal information.
Give and ask for personal information.
Ask where someone is from
Greeting and saying goodbye
Ask and talk about where one works
Vocabulary professions

2. Descriptions of People
Vocabulary relating to the human body and physical description of people
Talk about a person's character and aspects
Introduce and describe a person
Talk about personal relationships

3. Description of places and locations
Vocabulary: "detrás de, al lado de"
"Hay/Está" and other verbs relating to location
Cities and towns
The home

4. Uses and social customs: Bars, Restaurants and Stores
Ordering drinks
Asking about prices
Asking for a menu at a restaurant
Vocabulary regarding the city: streets, stores and products
Expressing likes and interests
Ask about likes and contrast them

5. On the phone
Use of the phone
Asking for and giving phone numbers
Asking for and giving email addresses

6. Daily Routine
Parts of the day
Getting up, eating breakfast, going to bed
A typical day for a Spaniard

7. What have you done recently?
Formulate questions and answers
Talking about events in time: "Esta mañana, este año, nunca, siempre"

8. Yesterday
What did you do yesterday?
Where did you go on a trip with the university?
What did you buy on your last trip?
Form questions and answers
Talking about events in time: "Ayer, el mes pasado, hace 10 años"

9. Descriptions in the past
Habitual actions in the past
Circumstances surrounding an action in the past

10. Expressing likes and preferences
Me gusta, me encanta
Me gustaría, me encantaría

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