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Course Description
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Communications: International Communications (PB1157)
Universidad Antonio Nebrija Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Communications 100 English 3 45 N/A


This course studies communication as it relates to culture, and as it occurs interculturally and internationally. In those contexts, questions and issues will be pursued which reveal processes, effects, methods, and critical norms for evaluating interpersonal, group, and mass communication.


33% oral participation in class
33% taskwork and tests
34% final exam/presentation


1. Introduction: What is News? A history of news in the Western World.
2. News in the 20th century. The Mass media in the new Millennium.
3. Key concepts in media studies: Language, Image, Representation, Genre, Audience.
4. Key concepts in television, radio and print media studies.
5. Media analysis techniques: Semiotic analysis, sociological analysis.
6. Media analysis techniques: Marxist analysis, psychoanalytic Criticism.
7. The Media in Great Britain: Newspapers and magazines.
8. Television.
9. Radio.
10. Group presentation and class discussion.
11. The Media in Spain: Newspapers and magazines.
12. Television.
13. Radio.
14. Group presentation and class discussion.
15. The media in France: Newspapers and magazines..
16. Television.
17. Radio.
18. Group presentation and class discussion.
19. The media in Germany: Newspapers and magazines.
20. Television.
21. Radio.
22. Group presentation and class discussion.
23. The media in Italy: Newspapers and magazines.
24. Television and radio.
25. Group presentation and class discussion.
26. A comparative analysis of the European media.


Basic Bibliography:
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Complementary Bibliography:
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