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Course Description
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General Spanish Geography
University of Granada
Granada, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Geography 300 Spanish 3 40 Three semester of college level Spanish or equivalent

General description
This course aims to present a sketch of the geographical reality of Spain, taking into
account its integration into the world and European Union space, and thereby analysing the different factors and characteristics of the Spanish territory, as much in its physical-natural dimension as by its social-economic aspects, showing its special distribution, present-day profile and problems from a geographical viewpoint.

1. Spain in the World and in the European Union.
2. Originality and variety of the Spanish landscape.
3. The Spanish relief.
4. The climate: elements and factors of the climate. The diversity of the climate.
5. The great plant formations.
6. The evolution of the population. Natural and migratory movements.
7. Structure and distribution of the population.
8. Dwellings and rural habitats.
9. The city system; urban functions.
10. Evolution and structure of the economy.
11. Agriculture and stock-breeding.
12. Mineral raw materials and sources of energy.
13. Industry: characteristics and special distribution.
14. Communications: the great networks and their distribution.
15. The Balance of Payments and foreign trade.
16. Tourism: problems and potentials of the sector; tourist regions.

Mid-term and final exams, and attendance and class participation also to be taken into


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