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Course Description
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Spanish 302 - Grammar
University of Granada
Granada, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 300 Spanish 3 45 Three semester of college level Spanish or equivalent

This class will try to train the student for the use of a group of linguistic forms that assume a reflexion over the function of Spanish grammar. It will also try to bring the student nearer by means of analysis contrasted by structures, the basic mechanisms of Spanish grammar, and attend to the basic linguistic anxieties of the Spanish learner of the post-intermediate level.

1. Pronunciation: Vocals, vowel and consonant groups.
2. The formation of words: derivation, prefixing, composition, para-synthesis.
3. The name, concordance.
4. The pronoun: personal
5. Demonstrative and possessive; mine
6. The relatives: who / that
7. The verb: regular and irregular verbs
8. The verb: exclusive uses of to be (ser). Exclusive uses of to be (estar). Alternation
9. The verb: canté/he cantado (to sing), canté/cantaba (to sing).
10. Verbal periphrasis.
11. The commands: canta/no cantes(sing/don't sing).
12. The conditional period.
13. The adversatives: pero/sino(but), sin/sino que (but/ but what).
14. The cause: porque/como, debido a + SUBSTANTIVE/como + VERBO.
15. Time: cuando (when) + INDICATIVE/SUBSTANTIVE.
16. The manner in the constructions of the relative: que (what) +
17. The prepositions: prepositions with special value and prepositions with rudiment
18. The prepositions: values and uses of por and para( for).
19. The prepositions: values and uses of de and desde( of).
20. Verbs with prepositional objects.

For practical studies, the professor will propose specific exercises.

- Class work: 40%.
- Class assistance: 40%.
- Specific tests: 20%.

FERNÁNDEZ, J. FENTE, R. y SILKS, 1., Curso intensivo de español. Niveles intermedio y superior. Ejercicios prácticos, Madrid, SGEL, 2a ed. 1992

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