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Course Description
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Spanish for Economics and Business
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish Intermediate and Advanced Spanish 3 40 Two to three semesters of college level Spanish is recommended


This course introduces students to the business and economic world through a selection of newspaper articles and authentic materials that highlight the specialist vocabulary and grammatical structures needed for specific business contexts. Students develop language skills for comprehension and expression which prepare them for interactive  communication in real-life situations, such as debates, presentations and simulations.


Grammatical and lexical study of texts and activities in the following areas:

1. Introduction to the economic world

• The Spanish economy: its sociocultural and economic diversity. Economic cycles.
• Economic indicators: income and wealth. Income levels and purchasing power.
• Consumption: consumer and public goods.
• The transition from old to new technologies: a socioeconomic perspective.
• The labour market: the concept of time as an economic commodity. • The tourism sector and its impact on the economy: organizations, companies and jobs in the tourism sector. The leisure and cultural economy.

2. Business organization

• The company. Types of companies.
• Business sectors: statistics, evolution.
• How a company works: departments and posts.
• Work contracts.

3. Human resources

• Job opportunities. Seeking work: curriculum vitae and cover letter.
• Human resources. Salary systems. Types of salary. Types of business letters.

ANES GONZALO (Ed.), (1999), Historia económica de España. Siglos XIX y XX, Madrid, Galaxia Gutemberg,
Círculo de Lectores.
BARRENECHEA, J. et alii, (1997), Los contratos más utilizados en la empresa, Bilbao, Deusto.
HINDLE, T., (1998), La entrevista provechosa, Grijalbo, Barcelona.
HINDLE, T., (1998), La presentación convincente, Grijalbo, Barcelona.
HORNER, D. – AZAOLA-BLAMONT, I., (1994), 1000 palabras de negocios, Difusión, Barcelona.
TAMAMES, R – GALLEGO, S., (2000), Diccionario de Economía y Finanzas, Madrid, Alianza Editorial.


As the course combines theory and practice, evaluation will be based on class attendance and participation, as well as on a final written examination.

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