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Course Description
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Everyday Spoken Spanish
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 100 Spanish 1 20 One semester of college level Spanish is recommended


Throughout sessions, students will discover in a practical manner about the daily, social, economic, and cultural reality of Barcelona. The subjects propose a journey that will allow students to get acquainted with the lifestyle of Barcelona.

In each of the sessions they will work carry out work on the relevant communicative functions for each subject, as well as prototypical linguistic exponents.

Texts and audiovisual materials will be used to provoke oral communication in class.


• Shopping. Shops of all sorts. Markets and street markets.
• Coffee shops, breakfast and “meriendas”. Restaurants. Where to find cheap restaurants. “De tapas” in Barcelona.
• Holidays, festivals and annual events.
• The city’s neighbourhoods: a short history. Public transport.
• The city at night. Drinking. Dancing. Ten points to remember when going “de marcha” at night.
• Interesting spots to go cycling, walking...


GENERAL: Reading pack El día a día en Barcelona (Photocopies with texts, maps, pictures … to follow in class)

BARBA, C., (2004), Rutas desde Barcelona en un solo día, Barcelona, Óptima. BONAFONT, R.-
BERENGUERAS, J.R., (2004), ¿Conoces Barcelona ?, Barcelona, Asociación Lectura Fácil, Mediterrània.
PAÍS, El (collective work), (2002), De tapas por Barcelona, Madrid, Aguilar. PUIG, M., (2003), Donde nunca te han llevado cuando anochece en Barcelona, Barcelona, Óptima.
PUIG, M., (2005), De compras por las tiendas más originales de Barcelona, Barcelona, Óptima.
QF (Guía), (2005), COMER, BEBER Y DIVERTIRSE, Barcelona, Guías QF?, La Vanguardia.

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