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Course Description
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Spanish Conversation
University of Barcelona (UB)
Barcelona, Spain

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Spanish 100 Spanish 1 20 One semester of college level Spanish is recommended


The Spanish conversation course is aimed at foreign students interested in furthering their resources and strategies for successful communication in everyday contexts. The course encourages fluent and natural speech by enhancing interaction and the use of adequate oral expression and comprehension strategies in particular contexts.


1. Strategies and resources for:
• Solving lexical problems without interrupting conversation
• Asking for a repetition or explanation
• Catching the attention of the listener, introducing a comment
• Starting to speak, interrupting, asking for an explanation
• Letting someone speak, asking for agreement

2.Expressive strategies and resources:
• Agreement and disagreement
• Recognition, incredulity and doubt
• Surprise, joy and sadness
• Suggestions
• Acceptance

3.Use of colloquial expressions and idioms in conversation (I)

4.Communicative situations and topics for debate:
• Advantages and disadvantages of different occupations
• Health and sport
• Shopping: malls, supermarkets and traditional shops
• Travelling in Spain
• Clothes and fashion
• Technology
• The media
• Living in Spain. The main differences between Spain and other countries


Reading pack “Spanish conversation” (Photocopies of communicative situations, social conventions, vocabulary, idioms, texts and articles on topical issues)

FERNÁNDEZ CINTO, J. (1999): Actos de habla de la lengua española, Madrid, CID, Edelsa.
GONZÁLEZ , A. – ROMERO, C. (1999): Puesta a punto, Madrid, Edelsa.
LÓPEZ, M. R. (1999): Hablemos en clase, Madrid, Ediumen.
LÓPEZ, G. - LÓPEZ, M. R. (2003): Conversemos en clase, Madrid, Ediumen.

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