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Course Description
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International Communications
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Communications 200 English 3 39 None

The overall objectives of this course are as follows:
- To supply the internal and external communication tools for the company
- To learn to organise commercial events in an international environment
- To analyze the role of the international communication actors
- To interpret and evaluate the efficiency of company communication
- To know how to integrate communication in company strategy while facing budget imperatives and in an international environment
- To present the essential mission of communication in company development and in the strengthening of its market share
- To explain the development and growth of the different communication techniques
- To know how to plan a communication project
- To know how to motivate one's collaborators for a communication policy

Teaching Methods:
Lectures, setting up group files, class exercises

Continuous assessment and final examination

Advertising campaign strategy - Parente, Donald - Dryden Press, 2000
B 2 B, B to B - Merlin, Francis - Ed. d'Organisation, 2000
Communication de crise - Ogrizek, Michel -PUF,2004
Communication efficace - Sananès, Bernard -Dunod,2002
Communication marketing - Decaudin, Jean-Marc - Economica,1999
Histoire des théories de la communication - Mattelart, Armand - La Découverte, 2002

Course Plan:


Introduction - Conception of overall communication policy and strategies of application, covering a diversified company audience (internal, financial, customers and suppliers, journalists, public authorities,...) making use of various means of communication (meetings, publications, press relations, institutional advertising,…)

Chapter 1 - Image study and diagnostics of communication
A. internal and external audits
B. Identification of the public
C. Definition of the focus points and themes of communication

Chapter 2 - Poliical, legislatory and regulatory intelligence
A. Identification of the international, national, regional and local decision makers
B. Following the work of public authorities

Chapter 3 - Strategic planning
A. Policy development
B. Definition of strategy
C. Programme conception: means, agendas, budget

Chapter 4 - Selection of public and creation of files
A. Study of public communication circuits
B. Identification of the leaders of opinion
C. Creation and maintenance of specific files

Chapter 5 - Engineering public relations services
A. Description of the function
B. Conception of the organization
C. Help in recruiting

Chapter 6 - Measure of opinion
A. Conception and setting up of an image barometer
B. Carrying out a periodical study


Introduction - Conception and implementation of means of evaluation and help in decision making.  Engineering of internal communication systems for organizations, organization and implementation of internal communication programs, conception and production of internal communication media

Chapter 1 - Studies and internal surveys
A. Study of internal image
B. Qualitative survey on internal opinion
C. Studies relative to projects or company charters
D. Study on reading of internal information media

Chapter 2 - Conducting and chairing meetings
A. Organization of meetings and internal seminars
B. Group animation and dynamics
C. Synthesis and collective expression

Chapter 3 - Processing of economic and social information
A. Conception, production and exploitation of financial and social balances for the personnel
B. Internal media: conception, production and animation of internal media (journals, reviews, videos, intranet,…)
C. Communication training: organization, animation of training sessions for expressing oneself, animation, creativity, dialogue
D. Organization of services: conception and implementation of integrated services and help for internal communication: photos, video resource centre, documentation centre
E. Communication of motivation: conception and organization of stimulation programmes / motivation for company objectives, studies, conception and implementation of communication strategies with specialized public or concerning particular circumstances


Introduction - Study, conception and implementation of communication strategies with specialized public or concerning particular circumstances

Chapter 1 - Press relations
A. Selection and production of files
B. Ways of communicating with the press
C. Interview, press conference, press trip
D. Production of communication supports
E. Press releases and press files
F. Keeping up a regular relationship with the press
G. Quantitative and qualitative analysis methods of the information in the media

Chapter 2 - Relations with public authorities
A. Study and follow-up of the work of public authorities
B. Study and creation of public decision maker files
C. Communication with public authorities
D. Lobbying program

Chapter 3 - Relations with the financial world
A. File study and creation
B. Study of financial image
C. Financial information supports
D. Annual reports, press releases, financial advertising
E. Financial communication
F. Meeting of analysts, general assembly, road show,…

Chapter 4 - Crisis communication
A. Creation and classification of crisis scenarios
B. Internal and external prevention programme
C. Implementation of specific organization and means
D. Training for communication in times of crisis

Chapter 5 - Patronage and sponsorship
A. Preliminary studies for the choice of the areas of application
B. Definition of sponsorship policies
C. Programme conception
D. Creating partnerships

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System:
This course is worth 3 ECTS credits.

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