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Course Description
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Strategic Marketing
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Marketing 200 English 3 39 Introduction to Marketing or equivalent

The overall objectives of this course are as follows:
- To place the market at the center of the problems of added value
- To optimise the added economic value
- To position oneself at the level of the distribution channels
- To understand the value tre product and creation of value from joint dynamic marketing
- To present the perceptual mapping of attributes
- To analyse the price and cost curve from experience
- To understand the importance - performance matrix
- To imagine the long term strategic marketing
- To manage customer and product portfolios

Continuous assessment: case presentation and participation; final examination

J.J. LAMBIN Strategic Marketing Mc Graw Hill 2001
The Harvard case, European Case Clearing House and International Case Clearing House

Course Plan:

CH 1 - The role of strategic marketing within the company
CH 2 - Management by the marketing value
CH 3 - The motivations of the final buyer, consumer and industry
CH 4 - The behavior of choice by the consumer
CH 5 - Research in strategic marketing. Cause-effect research
CH 6 - Measuring the consumer response. Measure of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
CH 7 - Segmentation of strategic marketing. Geomarketing
CH 8 - Measure of market attractivity
CH 9 - Mapping of attributes
CH 10 - Elasticities of distribution
CH 11 - Price strategies
CH 12 - Matrix importance - performance
CH 13 - Customer relationship management and customer portfolio management
CH 14 - Product portfolio management and long term strategic marketing

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System:
This course is worth 5 ECTS credits.

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