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Course Description
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English 6
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
Communications 200 English 3 39 None

The overall objectives of this course are as follows:

- To provide an overview of cross-cultural differences in business, behavior, body language
- To introduce the process of doing business online
- To introduce the theory and practice of the various forms of oral communication that occur in the business world
- To teach a specific vocabulary in international business
- To teach specific cultural aspects in France, North America, North Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, China, India
- To become acquainted with the e-business world
- To develop entrepreneurial skills "online entrepreneurial"
- To enhance student entrepreneurial presentation skills

Teaching Methods:
- Regular active participation in discussions and in role play assignments
- Regular active note-taking during lectures - Oral presentation
- Regular viewing of video news reports on current American business topics with discussion of content and idiomatic phraseology - Lectures, videos, presentations, internet sites

Oral presentation, written report, final examination

G. ASSELIN and Ruth MASTRON Au Contraire: Figuring out the French
A.M. SAPATH International Business Etiquette
C. SAWYER-LAUCANNO Case Studies in International Management Prentice Hall 1987

Course Materials:
Press articles, audio and video cassettes, institutional films, PowerPoint presentations

Course Plan:

Part 1 - Business Communication

Chapter 1 - Lecture - Topics
- Overview : Communicating in Organizarions
- Interviewing in Organizations
- Communicating and Leading in Small Groups
- Communicating Technologically in Organizations
- Listening Conscientiously
- Negotiating in Organizations
- Communicating Non-Verbally in Organizations

Chapter 2 - Oral
- Student case studypPresentations
- RolepPlays
- Discussion of current american business video news reports

Part 2 - The Modern Firm

Students are lectured in the different steps to creating a business plan and the specifics to creating a business online.  They study cases of successful e-businesses examining the keys to success.  They create and present a viable e-business including:
- organization and design of the site and creation of a homepage in html
- studying the competition
- development of an online and offline marketing strategy
- creation of a financial plan

Part 3 - Skills

- Advanced oral presentation skills
- Communication skills for persuasion and negotiation: communicating in organizations, communicating and leading small groups, communicating technologically, listening conscientiously, negotiating, communicating non-verbally.
- Debating skills
- Developing research strategy and writing workshop for the students interested in pursuing post-graduate studies.

- Case studies in international management: presentation by students
- American perspective and practice in international trade
- Current affairs ( press reviews and panel discussions on current issues)
- Socio-cultural aspects of Anglophone countries: study of the institutions, the societies and the general functioning of Great Britain, the United States and Australia
- Cross cultural studies and etiquette with, for example, the image of the French in the United States and vice versa
- Music, films and the arts
- Book club: study of books that come out on new trends, current issues, etc.
- Corporate ethics: respect of human rights, work, equality, consumer protection, citizenship, company management, universal access to health and education, sustainable development.
-The media: study of American media and students would set up newsteams and create a news program.
- Art management: strategy for development, cultural marketing, setting up a Board of Directors, fundraising techniques.
- Advanced language studies for bilingual students

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System:
This course is worth 4 ECTS credits.

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