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Course Description
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French as a Foreign Language 2: Intermediate French
Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (ESCE Paris)
Paris, France

Subject Area(s) Level(s) Instruction in Credits Contact Hours Prerequisites
French 200 French 3 35 French 100 or equivalent

These courses offer the possibility of perfecting the student's written and oral comprehension of general French and allow them to approach business French.

Instructional Methodology:
Classes take place every week so as to ensure constant progress and to allow students to take advantage of the French they hear and read all around them during the week.  Methods favor pragmatic communication skills; although grammar is particularly important, it is seen as a tool to succeed communication objectives.  Vocabulary is seen in context, in authentic press articles, television extracts and web-sites.  In each two-hour class students are encouraged to participate as actively as possible.

1st class: Introducing oneself; asking your way; speaking about places, situations, geographical locations.
2nd class: Timetables, organising a meeting, an appointment, a rendezvous; verb tenses.
3rd class: Speaking about the past. Recent past, distant past and their articulation.
4th class: making plans, predicting, speaking about the future. The vocabulary of business plans.
5th class: giving advice, expressing opinions, disagreeing in corporate context.
6th class: Hypothesis, conditions. This is extended to negotiation for higher level groups.
7th class: Proposing, accepting, refusing.
8th class: Reported speech. Minutes of a business meeting.
9th class: Speaking in public, leading to an oral presentation on an everyday or a business topic.
10th class: A look at French advertising: press and television commercials.
11th class: French cinema, French music from a cultural and then a business point of view.
12th session: Final exam.

A written semester exam focuses on the level of the language, and continuous assessment focuses on student's assignments, presentations and classroom participation.

Learning French in France, student's have all Paris as their library. We ask students to focus on the press, television commercials, newscasts, comic strips and web-sites.

Students are requested to use the manuals "Libre Echange 2" (published by Dider / Hatier).

Students must acquire a grammar book: "Grammaire progressive du français" (published by Clé International) and a vocabulary book: "Exercices de vocabulaire en contexte"
(published by Hachette).

Every week, teachers use selected chapters and exercises from "Libre Echange" and use articles from the press or extracts from television about the most recent news.  Rooms are equipped with video and DVD recorders. Audio laboratories and multimedia laboratories plus a video viewing room are available for the students.

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